Bass Bandit Boats, Manufactured Flawlessly The First Time!

Bass Bandit boats have been carefully designed and tested by us the manufacturer and re-tested by the U.S. Coast Guard. The inspections and compliance tests were done in Maryland and were (we thought) very demanding for a little boat. The pool test started by installing a 1500 pound steel weight along with one man in the center of the boat, this checked for the overall strength of the boat and its buoyancy, next, weight was placed on one side, then front and rear respectfully to check for stability.

Following that, the boat was weighted down like a normal day on the lake and then filled with water; this was checking to see how the boat would respond if submerged, would the Bandit roll over or worse... sink, nope!

Numerous other tests were performed as well and the boat passed without problems. When they finished testing the first comment by inspectors was “whatever you’re doing, keep doing it” Most boats tested needed some kind of safety, strength or stability modifications, our little Bandit simply made them smile.
We understand a clear floor space is vital, abundant fishing poles a must, and the more tackle boxes you can pile in the center of the boat, the more fish you catch, but, a little boat can only hold so much. 

Building the Bandit was more about using all space wisely and then adding cool things from rod holders to built in minnow buckets etc. later. Remember guys it’s all about accessories!

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Our boats were, and are intended for smaller lakes and streams. But, on your normal day of fishing when the weather turns they have proven themselves extremely well. Remember though, with any boat, you should always wear a Coast Guard approved life vest